Best Gift for Your Beloved Ones from Thomas Sabo

Thomas Sabo held today in autumn and winter, Wang Xin Tian station invited supermodel, Wang Xintian exposes the big Piece jewelry control, bought jewelry in Germany Guoguang spent 4 to 50 thousand yuan, she smiled and said, your body is very big so pick jewelry should choose some large, so that others can see her.

Asked how the Qixi Festival, Wang Xin Tian laughed and said he did not know, but also jokes that do not know that they have no one to love, but she said that if the proposal has been the future, not necessarily to get a diamond ring to marry him, but she has a preference inheritance ring, such as from grandma passed down, she will feel more meaningful.

Thomas Sabo Tanabata and autumn and winter new products are named after love. Whether it is love infinite series or fashion secret series and Karma Beads series, they create mysterious and sweet feelings with colorful gemstones, zircon and pink corundum, and black agate.