THOMAS SABO, Hongkong Maritime Building flagship store

The famous German jewelry brand THOMAS SABO held the opening ceremony of Hongkong Maritime Building flagship store in September 5, 2017, and the latest Dragon Nights Edition special preview. On this special occasion, the founder and designer of the company, Mr. Thomas Sabo, personally came to Hongkong to host the ribbon cutting ceremony and invited the Han Liu star, CL, as a guest.

The THOMAS SABO Maritime Building flagship store has introduced a new design concept to combine the medieval elements with the simple decoration. The boutique uses a new warm hue as the main hue, marking the new era of the THOMAS SABO Asian shop decoration.

A special preview of the exclusive Dragon Nights Edition, which began on sale in October, was made in the store on the same day. As a symbol of good wishes such as happiness and longevity, dragon is the most symbolic part of the product series. Decorated with feathered faucets and intertwined ornaments, this handmade series of products makes the Far East culture more tangible and charismatic. This series was launched in September 5, 2017 at part of the THOMAS SABO store in Hongkong.