THOMAS SABO brand new watch series

THOMAS SABO introduced a new generation of brand watches: Rebel at works heart series and Rebel at series heart men’s watch with avant-garde design elements set the tone for the season fashion style.

In paragraph six of this paper into the rock elements: delicate facial bezel and crown rivets to break the conventional shackles, fashion show women’s self-confidence and strength, yet elegant charm. The stainless steel strap decorated with exquisite Pyramid – shaped elements endows the watch works with extraordinary charm. Rebel at heart Women is both the name of the brand and the theme of the promotional activities.

Five Rebel at heart’s styling and the proportion of balanced and harmonious structure and simple classic retro style collocation can be perfect with various fashion. The high-grade stainless steel watchband and the leather retro watchband can be organically combined with various colors such as the same bottom and the same color, so as to create excellent ornaments suitable for all kinds of modeling styles and occasions, making wearers the focus of attention.

Special dog charm for Chinese dog year

Chinese dog coming, German silver THOMAS SABO launched the dog silver in the Lunar New Year’s Eve, for want to kick off the dog, a dog ten “Ten Beauty” bracelet is the most representative, ten cute puppy accessories varieties, shapes and different expressions, the lovely index broke the table.

THOMAS SABO made of sterling silver playful puppy mascot accessories, Charm Club series of perfect collocation and main playful diversity, whether it is naughty Chihuahua, stupid little cute French Bulldog, or wearing red collar schnauzer, the ingenious design, and into the light dazzling and colorful zircon, more rich and colorful.

Thomas Sabo Products for Mothers’ Day

The German Pegnitz River in February 2018 16, Lo Fu / PRNewswire / — the best way to express gratitude, on Mother’s Day is approaching, THOMAS SABO brand launched a grand new exquisite heart-shaped pendant, with exquisite design show ingenuity shows deep emotion between mother and child.

These mother’s Day special items will be combined with other first ornaments in the Generation Charm Club series into a unique treasure bearing a good memory.

What is even more gratifying is that customers who purchase the Generation Charm Club series jewelry with a value of more than 990 yuan or 2200 yuan can be awarded a THOMAS SABO brand single row necklace or two row Necklace without cost. The new heart-shaped pendant with 925 sterling silver as the material, after manual carefully crafted and acceptable personalized engraved processing, style is also dotted with soft part 750 rose gold gilt and dazzling gems.

The new pendant will use exquisite gift packaging and with a warm greeting cards, will make every mother as much.