Thomas Sabo 2018 autumn and winter sterling silver series

THOMAS SABO launches a new series of diamond jewelry: exquisite and elegant designs, exquisite and small diamonds, with a glimmer of gold.

The features of the SWEET DIAMONDS series are exquisite and beautiful silver ornaments, with real diamond ornaments and gold trimming. The design of the jewelry is elegant, and this exquisite combination makes the ornaments more precious. Creative director Susanne K, lbli launched a series of jewelry intention is to allow the wearer to discover a new world of sweet, with a constantly changing and dynamic way to show their feminine charm.

SWEET DIAMONDS series adopted the classic round brilliant cutting method, emphasizing the elegant glint of the series of jewelry. One of the highlights of the series is the use of gold. The amount of gold although rarely, but the effect is remarkable, to create a framework diamond inlaid with gold, in stark contrast to the two kinds of materials of different colors, this is the SWEET DIAMONDS series of unique place.

The design is full of thoughts and feelings, and affects people’s emotion. It displays the exquisite flowers, the exquisite bow and heart shape in a new way, and the classic design of THOMAS SABO, such as wings, crosses and keys. Packaging design is unique, very lovely heart-shaped box: small, the box is a small bow and ribbon, seemed to tell people, the inside of the jewelry is made with love, with love, with love for packaging, is the most important; let the people wear jewelry, will feel a deep sense of love!

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