New Thomas Sabo Store in the Economic Center of China

The day of the opening ribbon cutting ceremony to invite the charismatic MTV music channel (Taiwan) host Samuel Lien flew from Taiwan to Shanghai as the host, activity, elegant and charming Kat Graham and guests to share the latest developments in her career, her personal style, and jewelry accessories for her extraordinary significance. As an internationally famous artist and fashion stylist, Kat Graham wears an amazing THOMAS SABO Karma ornament adorned by herself, showing her charming temperament and showing her Karma style.

She was interested and guests to share her fashion outfit tips and experience of how to create the perfect shape of the jewelry Collocation: “for me, as an actor, singer, dancer, to show different styles in different places of the shape is very important, and sometimes elegant, dynamic, or rebellious cold and I need to continue to bring new surprises, showing my multi-faceted personality.

In addition to all kinds of clothes, I think jewelry accessories play a crucial role in building the overall shape, because choosing the right accessories will brighten the overall shape, leaving every time I make a unique impression on every appearance. THOMAS SABO jewelry has rich and varied designs, creating unlimited possibilities for collocation, folding and other collocation requirements, giving the wearer a great degree of freedom and creative space, bringing out endless fashion shocks and stories. This is just in line with my requirements, so that I can choose to match the different shapes, showing my personality and the atmosphere at the same time. She added, “I really like the whole design idea of the THOMAS SABO Karma Beads product line.

For me, not only fashion jewelry tools for personal expression, more valuable is the place behind each piece of jewelry is rich and profound artistic style or spirit, thousands and thousands of words. Like the various accessories in Karma Beads product line, each has its own unique meaning. I can create their personal Karma Style with them, and express my thoughts with jewelry.

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