Differences between Bvlgari and Thomas Sabo in Design

Bvlgari’s relationship with the movie world is inseparable, and many of the top international stars are the regular guests of the BVLGARI Bvlgari Rome Condoti flagship store. Without exception, these shining stars are deeply impressed by the charming charm of BVLGARI Bvlgari jewelry. Countless old photos have recorded their classic time to enter Bvlgari Bvlgari flagship store.

Until today, Bvlgari still has BVLGARI all over the world and bright stars like noble ladies. The BVLGARI Bvlgari brand new DIVA jewelry watch is a perfect representation of the charming Dolce Vita era. It can be called the epitome of the golden age of Italy movie.

BVLGARI Bvlgari DIVA high jewellery to draw inspiration from Bvlgari BVLGARI fine jewelry and made a new interpretation of BVLGARI, Bvlgari from the goddess who capture the charm of the essence, the elegant design, with extraordinary works of contemporary female idol Fenghua panache. Every DIVA jewelry watch shows the charm of Bvlgari BVLGARI goddess, showing the extraordinary characteristics of charm, charm, sex and enthusiasm.

Thomas Sabo 2018 autumn and winter sterling silver series

THOMAS SABO launches a new series of diamond jewelry: exquisite and elegant designs, exquisite and small diamonds, with a glimmer of gold.

The features of the SWEET DIAMONDS series are exquisite and beautiful silver ornaments, with real diamond ornaments and gold trimming. The design of the jewelry is elegant, and this exquisite combination makes the ornaments more precious. Creative director Susanne K, lbli launched a series of jewelry intention is to allow the wearer to discover a new world of sweet, with a constantly changing and dynamic way to show their feminine charm.

SWEET DIAMONDS series adopted the classic round brilliant cutting method, emphasizing the elegant glint of the series of jewelry. One of the highlights of the series is the use of gold. The amount of gold although rarely, but the effect is remarkable, to create a framework diamond inlaid with gold, in stark contrast to the two kinds of materials of different colors, this is the SWEET DIAMONDS series of unique place.

The design is full of thoughts and feelings, and affects people’s emotion. It displays the exquisite flowers, the exquisite bow and heart shape in a new way, and the classic design of THOMAS SABO, such as wings, crosses and keys. Packaging design is unique, very lovely heart-shaped box: small, the box is a small bow and ribbon, seemed to tell people, the inside of the jewelry is made with love, with love, with love for packaging, is the most important; let the people wear jewelry, will feel a deep sense of love!

Thomas Sabo’s Beauty in 2018

THOMAS SABO held a preview of the new 2013 spring and summer series in the new perspective restaurant (NEW HEIGHTS) on the 7 floor of the landmark building, Shanghai, Shanghai. The brand invited many media from Shanghai to witness this wonderful moment.

THOMAS SABO’s latest season of jewels, based on the original 925 pure silver, adds a new design and material – 18K gold and rose gold on the silver plating. The title of “the beauty of gold and silver,” THOMAS SABO 2013 spring and summer series of the latest combination for the cool silver collocation with delicate rose gold and hot and bright gold, which is obtained from a new perspective and each restaurant overlooking the beauty of the Bund, and from Shanghai more than media guest is the best witness this the clever arrangement.

The new series is another highlight of the release preview activity is introduced two brand ambassadors to you: Ms GLAM & SOUL series new brand ambassador Bobbi and the first independent DIWA Yi presented THOMAS REBEL AT HEART SABO men’s brand ambassador David Garrett. The violin Prince David Garrett inject a distinct personality into the REBEL AT HEART series with his masculine and glamour shape. The British supermodel is also internationally renowned fashion pioneer Bobbi – DIWA Yi to become the new season ladies series spokesperson, she with a young energetic and sexy charm of the perfect interpretation of the essence of “the beauty of gold and silver” series.

Best Gift for Your Beloved Ones from Thomas Sabo

Thomas Sabo held today in autumn and winter, Wang Xin Tian station invited supermodel, Wang Xintian exposes the big Piece jewelry control, bought jewelry in Germany Guoguang spent 4 to 50 thousand yuan, she smiled and said, your body is very big so pick jewelry should choose some large, so that others can see her.

Asked how the Qixi Festival, Wang Xin Tian laughed and said he did not know, but also jokes that do not know that they have no one to love, but she said that if the proposal has been the future, not necessarily to get a diamond ring to marry him, but she has a preference inheritance ring, such as from grandma passed down, she will feel more meaningful.

Thomas Sabo Tanabata and autumn and winter new products are named after love. Whether it is love infinite series or fashion secret series and Karma Beads series, they create mysterious and sweet feelings with colorful gemstones, zircon and pink corundum, and black agate.

New Thomas Sabo Store in the Economic Center of China

The day of the opening ribbon cutting ceremony to invite the charismatic MTV music channel (Taiwan) host Samuel Lien flew from Taiwan to Shanghai as the host, activity, elegant and charming Kat Graham and guests to share the latest developments in her career, her personal style, and jewelry accessories for her extraordinary significance. As an internationally famous artist and fashion stylist, Kat Graham wears an amazing THOMAS SABO Karma ornament adorned by herself, showing her charming temperament and showing her Karma style.

She was interested and guests to share her fashion outfit tips and experience of how to create the perfect shape of the jewelry Collocation: “for me, as an actor, singer, dancer, to show different styles in different places of the shape is very important, and sometimes elegant, dynamic, or rebellious cold and I need to continue to bring new surprises, showing my multi-faceted personality.

In addition to all kinds of clothes, I think jewelry accessories play a crucial role in building the overall shape, because choosing the right accessories will brighten the overall shape, leaving every time I make a unique impression on every appearance. THOMAS SABO jewelry has rich and varied designs, creating unlimited possibilities for collocation, folding and other collocation requirements, giving the wearer a great degree of freedom and creative space, bringing out endless fashion shocks and stories. This is just in line with my requirements, so that I can choose to match the different shapes, showing my personality and the atmosphere at the same time. She added, “I really like the whole design idea of the THOMAS SABO Karma Beads product line.

For me, not only fashion jewelry tools for personal expression, more valuable is the place behind each piece of jewelry is rich and profound artistic style or spirit, thousands and thousands of words. Like the various accessories in Karma Beads product line, each has its own unique meaning. I can create their personal Karma Style with them, and express my thoughts with jewelry.

Special Thomas Sabo Gem

Flash & Soul series jewelry is blooming enchanting climax and with elegant and sexy: tailoring design from India Garden Garden Fatima Fatima series contains a special charm. The Pearl series reinterprets the classic pearl jewellery and its plant temperament. Absolutely can not miss the season when the jewelry is earrings and rings with Midi: whether it is many shiny zircon series or skull jewelry design form – perfect to show the elegance of the City luxury temperament.

Karma series circular causality binding more than 160 kinds of round – binding both contain infinite symbol, also with a visible animal image, the starting point of the circular binding are a symbol of Thomas THOMAS Saab SABO Karma style jewelry creative effect! The surface of lotus decoration with a low-key luxury for rectangular Damen exudes an irresistible scent of a woman.

In the men’s part, Thomas THOMAS model in the Saab SABO against the spirit of unity – series leather and stainless steel bracelet made up with high performance tension link interpretation of a new jewelry series: suitable for men and women spend performance on gorgeous wrist bracelet. Gray or brown and shiny red light shines the popular men’s perfect show men temperament, with national style and the surface of the Lizard Leather Bracelet is a complete emphasis on male figure.

Thomas Sabo for your romantic Valentine’s day

Once a year the love encounter, eternal romantic Valentine’s day for lovers, the Qixi Festival string continuous moving story. In such a special day, a well-known German jewelry watch brand THOMAS SABO in Shanghai Jiuguang held the autumn / winter 2015 new media preview, Shanghai and a public media guests shared the autumn / winter 2015 brand new series which contains the creation of Mousika with profound meaning.

Rich emotion, deep love and happy life are the inspiration of the THOMAS SABO 2015 autumn / winter series. This season contains all accessories are exquisite design details and touched the hearts of the silent Guaqian and understanding between markers and convey induction wearers with loved ones.

Love the same person, let the memories live forever. On the occasion of the Tanabata Valentine’s day, THOMAS SABO is particularly warm with the latest Love Bridge bridge Bracelet series. Touching legend and magpie bridge have different approaches but equally satisfactory results, the bridge design inspiration for the series from a romantic story: there are some famous love bridge in the world, the lovers are competing to come to the bridge, and his lover’s name engraved on the lock button again on the railing, a symbol of eternal strong love.

Thomas Sabo brings you happiness

Over the past ten years, fans from all over the world who love CHARM CLUB have expressed their current stories and emotions with various bracelets and necklaces, and witnessed every important moment in life. Today, more than 600 styles of Charm Club series have become one of the most popular jewelry series of international jewelry and wrist watch brand THOMAS SABO.

In the Charm Club series 10th anniversary to celebrate the occasion, THOMAS SABO special attention to create 12 accessories, in addition to carrying out the brand 925 sterling silver to create exquisite craft, more colorful inlaid 5 pure white diamond ornaments make more bright eye bright styles include: wise owl, romantic heart keys and mini Tactic bear. All styles are a new perspective to reinterpret the classic design, lead us to feel the culture and the trend of the world, and can freely choose the loops in collocation of 10th anniversary commemorative bracelet.

Starting in the autumn and winter of 2015, the Australian fashion illustrator Kelly Smith will also give the Charm Club classic black and white stripes new design through meticulous lines and warm and harmonious painting styles. The inspirational goddess Lucy, who is familiar with Charm Club series, also encounters the love Tom of life this year. Let the anniversary series take the main memory of the sweet memories of Lucy and Tom, and carry out the theme of Charm Club shared by “love, luck, fashion and enthusiasm”, which is permeated with eternal happiness.

Thomas Sabo’s New Store in Shanghai

The jewellery brand THOMAS SABO from Germany is located in the new store in Shanghai New World Grand pill department store, which opened in March 17th. THOMAS SABO was founded in 1984, has been for many years with outstanding quality and innovative design of international reputation, the highest value in Shanghai Yan’s flagship store – Shanghai new world Daimaru department store open new stores, the new image to Shanghai the Bund area and downtown East Nanjing Road Commercial Pedestrian Street, showing the full series of shining jewelry and watch new.

The new store is located in the two floor of the new world grand pill department store in Shanghai, with a distinctive black and simple style that highlights the classic and cool personality. The design style of a full range of accessories and ingenious distinguish between new MAORI and Dreamcatcher Dreamcatcher series, spacious and comfortable space to make every guest feel honor and courtesy. Every season, THOMAS SABO, which has fine technology and unique design accessories, is launched. This season is a popular fashion trend. With the theme of “eternal sincerity”, a series of charming works of “all sources of self love” are launched. Among them, there are many exclusive and exclusive features, which provide unique personalized lettering service, and let your exclusive ornaments keep an unforgettable love and memory.

One of the main accessories this season is the introduction of Bohemia “Dreamcatcher” Dreamcatcher series full of blessing means, this brand custom-made the one and only dream catcher?? handmade cookies, food is also small black and white color, with TOMAS SABO has always been a handsome handsome image. On the same day, we also provided the new spring summer Love Bridge bracelet and lettering service, cutting the brand’s unique customizable service and the design concept of Mix & Match, and weaving our dreams for happiness.

THOMAS SABO, Hongkong Maritime Building flagship store

The famous German jewelry brand THOMAS SABO held the opening ceremony of Hongkong Maritime Building flagship store in September 5, 2017, and the latest Dragon Nights Edition special preview. On this special occasion, the founder and designer of the company, Mr. Thomas Sabo, personally came to Hongkong to host the ribbon cutting ceremony and invited the Han Liu star, CL, as a guest.

The THOMAS SABO Maritime Building flagship store has introduced a new design concept to combine the medieval elements with the simple decoration. The boutique uses a new warm hue as the main hue, marking the new era of the THOMAS SABO Asian shop decoration.

A special preview of the exclusive Dragon Nights Edition, which began on sale in October, was made in the store on the same day. As a symbol of good wishes such as happiness and longevity, dragon is the most symbolic part of the product series. Decorated with feathered faucets and intertwined ornaments, this handmade series of products makes the Far East culture more tangible and charismatic. This series was launched in September 5, 2017 at part of the THOMAS SABO store in Hongkong.